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We are a value driven consulting firm. Collectively, we have over 30 years of knowledge and experience in the fields of Human Services and Education. It is our central aim to provide leaders with empowering solutions and strategies to increase their efficiency and effectiveness, focus their impact, leverage their resources, increase their productivity, and actualize their potential. We have the perfect blend of passionate and qualified professionals that are both, analytical and creative, thinkers, concrete and abstract, visionaries and facilitators, disciplined and innovative.

The harmony of our team stems from two basic principles, “Unity in Diversity”, and “All things are Possible”. Our associates have worked within federal government, state government, Non-Governmental/Non- Profit, Public, Private, and Charter Educational Systems, retail giants, law firms, etc. Through an unrelenting work-ethic and intelligent effort, we have successfully been able to effectuate positive change and produce exponential growth for our clients.

We are committed to challenging our clients to be the best at what they do, to be trailblazers and trendsetters. We are also dedicated to helping them solve the tough problems to get there. As a consulting firm, we endeavor to exceed our client’s expectations and build long lasting relationships, achieving this balance is the key to our success

Andre Ebron

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Want to see a man on a mission? Then watch Andre Ebron! Driven, determined and dedicated to leave an indelible imprint on the lives of children, families as well as professionals engaged in the arena of human services and education. He is a transformational leader, a potent educator, intellectually stimulating author, trained minister, monumental mentor and winning coach in the game of life!

For the past fourteen years, he has shared his world with the love of his life, his wife, Mrs. Shalessa Ebron. Together they share and parent two children; daughter Christian, and son, Andre Ebron II.

As a trained Human Services Professional, Andre has a unique background of community outreach, strategic planning, strategic operations implementation, youth, leadership, programming and professional development. A public motivational speaker, he fans the flames of success for those privileged to hear him.

Andre’s message of inspiration and empowerment has provoked many to think critically and intentionally while inspiring many more to action; leading them from effectiveness, to greatness. He has captured portions of this message in his most recently published work entitled, “The Drawing Board”. The passion that Andre Ebron brings to the youth is contagious. He lays out a clear path of success that children can follow. Clear. Concise. Effective. Powerful. Andre M. Ebron

Shalessa Ebron

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How valuable is an Educator? Where would our world be without them? Shalessa Ebron answered the call and has been impacting the lives of children, families, and fellow educators for nearly two decades. She is committed to radically improving the quality of education across Metro-Detroit. She is a servant leader, missionary, a dynamic educator, and a powerful youth and worship leader.

For the past fourteen years, she has shared her world with the love of her life, her husband, Mr. Andre M. Ebron. Together they share and parent two children; daughter Christian, and son, Andre Ebron II.

Shalessa has a diverse background in computer information systems, operations, research and development, elementary education, and curriculum and instruction. As a 1st and 5th grade teacher, Dean of Students, Dean of Instruction, and currently serving as an Instructional Coach, she is adamant about every child receiving an equal opportunity to discover their greatness and fully actualize their potential. Innovative. Motivational. Resourceful. Diligent. Courageous. Shalessa Ebron

our goal

To lead individuals and organization from EFFECTIVENESS to GREATNESS

our mission

To consult, develop, and support personal, professional, and organizational transformation.


5-Point CORE Values – this serves as my Value Statement


We are dedicated to exemplifying the highest standards of excellence in our character, competency, attitude, conduct, products, and services.

Optimal Service

We promise to deliver premier client services that are 2nd to none. Our products and services are designed to be individualistic and empowering to give each client a customized solution character to their personal or organizational needs.


We assume the responsibility of maintaining ethical standards that inspire trust and develops sustainable relationships with our clients.

Solution Oriented

We recognize that our most valuable asset is our engaging-strength-and-evidence based approach that produces clear and measurable outcomes for our clients.


We are committed to exceeding client expectations and being the leader to set the principles of best practice innovation.



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